Mural Art Teaching and Training

Arte Ganas would like to introduce you to an exciting new motivational Mural Art Workshop program called ARTE GANAS. Our highly charged program uses Mural Art, Music, and Fun as vehicles to promote art appreciation, art skills and "Team Esteem" in the classroom or work place. Arte Ganas conducts these fantastic Mural Art Teaching and Training Workshops in School Districts and other Educational Institutions throughout California, Texas and the Southwestern United States to rave reviews!

The famous saying: "Si Se Puede" (It can be done) comes alive as this fun filled introductory workshop focuses on mural design. Set to high-energy music, two to four teams of 25 participants each compete in the creation of full size color murals based on the works of such masters as Diego Rivera.

This is all completed within 1- hours and with no art skills necessary! Your school will have up to four murals to permanently display where ever you want. Door prizes are awarded and all students are guaranteed to have a great time.

The ARTE GANAS program focuses on a lot more activities than just Art Mural design. For extended programs we offer a wide array of other great projects. I hope you consider this exciting workshop for your school or work site in the near future, as it is a fantastic vehicle to help motivate people to work together in harmony and with much more enthusiasm.

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