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Dear my friend

welcome to visit the website of our company,It’s my honnor to met you on the line.

The pace of history has always been to move forward. The development of a FEI YU make the achievements and effective in many people’s efforts and support.

New economic era in China is moving in the changing trend to globalization, so that we will be faced with the global competition, at the economic development, we entered into a customer-oriented era, in this era, we must be take the customers first!

Economic globalization has brought opportunities and challenges, we must join in the competition, we will deal with international competition law and commercial standards, only the really good companies can win in the competition. So that we will repeat and enlarge the success factors, but also need to change the market trend not meet all the operating concept and behavior, and further stimulate the passion and we are a team,we need team work, we must constantly go beyond the self, to create a force and the dynamic growth of the source of a fast ball to enhance the competitiveness.

We know that a business team can not develop without the active participation of and cooperation, the QYV is also, therefore, I earnestly hope that each and every ball of a staff can give full play to their abilities and talents, always full of positive enthusiasm for the future success of  FEI YU! As well as to fight for the further promote the development of China valve industry !

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